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ReThink Microschools Neurodiversity




NeuroEmpowered School: Tailored Learning for Neurodivergent Students in Grades 6-12.

The Benefits of ReThink Microschools: 

  • Individualized approach to each student’s learning, inclusive of Neurodiverse Learners, that enhances self-awareness and creates self-confident children.

  • Innovative, caring, and highly respected faculty use a developmentally appropriate curriculum that teaches all levels of students how to learn.

  • Project-based academic program balanced with the importance of socio-emotional learning. This combination builds teamwork and socialization skills and prepares students for life in the real world.

  • Inquiry-based educational approach gifts each child with critical thinking skills and the ability to independently problem solve.

  • Choice within structure. Students have options, independence, and decision-making within compassionate, developmentally appropriate boundaries.

Progressive Education

students to every classroom teacher.
maximum # of students for the 2024-2025 school year. 
decisons crafted with student & parent input. 
staff dedicated to supporting students every step of the way.
students are accepted and supported socially. 
faculty are quailfied to teach nuerodiverse students. 

STEM Fest May 4th 

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Here's What Our Parents are Saying Behind Our Backs...

Thank you for a wonderful event. We’re thrilled about the programs you are offering, and the campus was amazing. Everyone we met was kind, competent and dedicated to helping our child. 

Rebecca W


Our Programs.

What Makes ReThink Microschools Different?

Academics at ReThink Microschools challenge neurodivergent students at their individual level allowing them to learn their core academics — with a focus on math and reading — at their own speed. Your child will have support in areas where they need extra help and tools to jump ahead when they master skills.

Inspiration is the keystone of learning and the catalyst behind a student's self-discovery, motivation and engagement. Your child will have the time and tools each day to pursue their passions—whether that’s writing a song, starting a business, coding, or creating a podcast. This is a time for students to explore possibilities. 

At ReThink Microschools, we believe in putting students and families first.   That's why we provide the attention and support to ensure each student reaches their full potential. Parents play a critical role in their child's education, and we strive to provide transparency and progress updates every step of the way.

ReThink Microschools Student

Minds Ready.  Hearts Ready.  Real-world ready. 

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